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The “Inti Raymi” or “Fiesta del Sol” was undoubtedly the largest, most important, spectacular and ostentatious festival that took place in pre-Hispanic times; It was destined to worship the Sun or “Inti”, it was celebrated every winter solstice, June 21. Its celebration lasted 15 days, in which there were dances, ceremonies and sacrifices.

The Inti Raymi festival in Cusco 2021 is a festival of the God of the Sun and Patchamama (Mother Earth), the main gods of the Inca civilization. These gods were considered to be the creators of everything that exists. They rule over the destinies of humanity and the universe!

This Inti Raymi in Cusco 2021 is the most luxurious, largest and colorful celebration to be held in Cusco, since it was originally dedicated to an Inca ruler, considered a demigod for his people. The Sun was to be worshiped and sacrifices were offered to prevent it from leaving Earth and its children during its long journey, while ensuring its return, providing warmth and joy.

An interesting question is when is Inti Raymi celebrated? It is because it is celebrated on June 24 today, while the actual celebration took place on June 21, a winter solstice in the southern hemisphere. It was moved on the 24th probably because to avoid it it would merge with other Christian holidays.

This 2021 Inti Raymi in Perú takes you not only to the famous Inti Raymi celebration, but also invites you to continue to the splendid Sacred Valley of the Incas and the jewel of the Inca: Machu Picchu.

At present this Inti Raymi 2021 Perú is celebrated every June 24 in the esplanade of Sacsayhuaman in the city of Cusco – Peru and the inhabitants of Cusco together, national and foreign tourists come to the place to witness the staging of said Andean ceremony in memory of its millenary origin and cradle of the Great Inca Civilization.

Important data:

  • Tour time: 6 hours.
  • Guide service in Spanish or English.
  • Pick up from the hotel door.
  • Includes entrance to the ‘Green Zone’ of the Inti Raymi.
  • Includes lunch ‘box lunch’.

Description of the Festival:

On June 24, the party in honor of the Sun God takes place in the three historical and natural settings that are usually used for staging:

The Qorikancha (Golden fence): In Inca times it was the main temple dedicated to the sun. At 9:00 am the Fiesta del Sol begins. The performance takes place in the so-called Golden Garden. It begins with the appearance of the Inca. The first rituals offer coca leaves, llamas, alpacas and more. It lasts approximately 45 minutes to then go to the Plaza de Armas.

The Plaza de Armas (the old Auqaypata or Plaza del Guerrero): During the Inca Empire, in this immense plaza the ceremony was fully developed in the middle of the great ushnu or ceremonial platform. The Inca is loaded on litters by eight servants and performs the so-called Coca Ceremony, the act lasts approximately 1 hour and then goes to Sacsayhuaman.

Saqsayhuaman (voice that derives from the Quechua terms “saqsay” and “waman” which translated into Spanish means “saciate falcón”). This impressive archaeological center is located at 3,555 meters above sea level, one kilometer from the Inca neighborhood of Qolqanpata. The Chuquipampa esplanade in the Sacsayhuaman fortress is the main setting for the Inti Raymi performance. This place enjoyed great importance during the Inca period.

Inti Raymi history:

The Inti Raymi (in Quechua ‘Sun Festival’) was an ancient Andean religious ceremony in honor of the Inti (the sun god) that took place every June 24 of every year until today, every solstice of winter in Cusco, the capital of Tawantinsuyo, between the final period of the harvest and the beginning of the winter equinox in the Andes, that is, in the second half of June. The Inti Raymi at the time of the Inkas was the equivalent of what the New Year’s party is for us today. The solar celebration was a festival in which a new year began and ended the entire previous agricultural year between the months of May or June, and at the same time the new agricultural cycle began from the month of July.

During the time of the Incas, the Inti Raymi was the most important of the four festivals celebrated in Cusco, according to the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega (1539-1616), and indicated the middle of the year as well as the mythical origin of the Inca. It lasted 15 days, in which there were dances and sacrifices. The last Inti Raymi with the presence of the Inca emperor was made in 1535.

In 1572 the viceroy Francisco de Toledo (1515-1584) forbade it as a pagan ceremony and contrary to the Catholic faith. It continued to be carried out clandestinely.

With more than sixty years of existence, the new Inti Raymi is now an inseparable part of the life of Cusco.


Legendary tradition in Peru that brings us closer to our origins. The Inti Raymi festival, every June 24 about 50 thousand inhabitants of Tahuantisuyo arrived in the imperial city, to show the Inti (Sun) God the eternity and total dedication of their children, with submission and respect.

This Festival was celebrated to worship and worship the sun whom they only considered their God, if not also a guardian and protective entity, which gave them heat and energy to carry out their agricultural activities.

This festival marks the beginning of the Winter Soltice and the Appearance of the Inca sovereign, along with all the scenic display that accompanies this ceremony, this ceremony is the most anticipated by its own and strangers who come astonished to appreciate this festival of the Navel of the World, Cusco.

On Sunday, June 24, the meeting will be held at Av. the sun in front of the Qorikancha Museum

09:00 am The Qoricancha (near gold) In Inca times it was the main Temple consecrated to the sun

11:00 am the Plaza de Armas (the old Auqaypata or warrior square): During the Incan, in this immense square the ceremony will be fully developed in the middle of the great ushnu or ceremonial platform

13:00 pm saqsaywaman (voice that derives from the Quechua terms “saqsay” and “waman” which translated into Spanish means “Saciate Halcon” this impressive archaeological center is located 3,450 meters above sea level, one kilometer from the Inca neighborhood of Qolqanpata.

It includes:

  • Tourist transport for all tours and transfers
  • Professional Tourism Guide Inti Raymi – Machu Picchu
  • Inti Raymi Cusco Tour
  • Entrance tickets to Inti Raymi 2021 Perú
  • Lunch Box Lunch Inti Raymi

Does not include:

  • National flights Lima Cusco Lima (Upon Request)


  • Personal expenses


  • Read this travel manual carefully
  • Very Important Passport to visit all places
  • Warm Clothes for Cusco
  • Small backpack with personal items
  • Photographic camera
  • Mineral water
  • Sunscreen

Frequent Questions:

How long before should I book the Inti Raymi tour?

It is recommended to buy the tour weeks in advance.

Does the tour offer food?

Yes. The tour offers a ‘Box lunch’ at the archaeological site of Sacsayhuaman.

How do I pay for the tour?

The payment of the tour is made online with a credit or debit card: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc.

Can I change the date of the tour?

No. The tour takes place only on June 24 (Inti Raymi day).

How to book the tour with a guide in another language?

The tour includes a shared tour guide in English or Spanish. To book a tour in another language, you must choose a private tour guide.

How to buy an Inti Raymi tour with a private guide?

The private tour guide is organized from 2 tourists per group. It can be purchased on the booking form for an extra cost.

How many tourists make up a shared group?

The tour in shared service is made up of a maximum of 20 tourists per group. Generally, the number of tourists is 10 to 15 visitors.

How is the weather in Cusco in June?

The weather in Cusco in June is sunny, with little chance of rain. It is recommended to bring a cap, hat and sunscreen.

How to change the entrance to Sacsayhuaman for a better one?

The tour includes the entrance ticket to the final scene of Inti Raymi in Sacsayhuaman. The ticket is for the “Green Zone” or economic. To change the ticket for a better location, the tourist makes the reservation for the ‘Red Zone’ or ‘Orange Zone’.

Does the tour offer pick up from the hotel?

Yes. The tour offers tourist pick up from the door of their hotel. The pick up is only valid for hotels in the Historic Center (most are there). Tourists staying in hotels outside the center must meet the group at an agreed time.

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