Top 5 Best Beaches in Perú

Yes, Peru is famous throughout the world for destinations such as Cusco and Machu Picchu, the Amazon or the Colca Canyon, but what many do not know yet is that along its Pacific coast there are incredible beaches to surf, rest or enjoy the best sea cuisine in the region.

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From lively backpacker destinations to cozy and small places where the sound of the waves is the protagonist, this country has an incredible offer that you cannot miss during your visit. Our recommended ones are:

1. Punta Sal in Perú

If you travel from the north, Punta Sal in Perú will be the ideal destination to give yourself a good welcome to the country and a well-deserved rest before starting with the busiest places.

Punta Sal in Perú is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Peru thanks to its sunny landscape most of the year, the warm temperature of its waters and the presence of fascinating reefs for diving.

In fact, given its proximity to the best-known Máncora Beach in Perú, many travel agencies offer day tours to practice these activities in Punta Sal, but it is very likely that you want to stay more than one afternoon in this place.

It can only be reached by land, although the closest cities with airports are Piura and Túmbes.

2. Máncora Beach in Perú

This small town, which was a sleepy fishing village a few decades ago, has become a must-see for young travelers touring South America.

The reasons are several, starting because it has very good waves for surfers, something that already attracts people from all over the world thanks to the relaxed and entertaining dynamics that surround this sport.

In addition, it is surrounded by very important natural attractions such as the Manglares de Tumbes National Sanctuary or the Cerros de Amotape National Park, which although they are not so close, they deserve a couple of days of visit to completely isolate yourself from the noise and learn about the fascinating biodiversity mangroves or dry forest.

During your days in Máncora Beach in Perú, you will not be short of activities to do, dishes to try, bars and cafes to visit and people to meet. Tempting right? This is a list of the best beaches in Piura

3. Huanchaco, Trujillo

These two destinations cannot be separated, since although Huanchaco is an independent city, it is part of the Trujillo Metropolitan Area and is its most visited spa.

Surfing is also one of the main reasons to visit here and, in fact, the Longboard World Cup is held here annually, an event that attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world.

The area also has its particular and very interesting attractions, such as the ancestral customs of the Moche and Chimú peoples that are still practiced, among which boating and fishing in reed horses or the preparation of the famous ceviche, which according to studies is of Mochica origin.

For its part, Trujillo has impressive archaeological sites, such as Chan Chan and the Huacas del Sol y de la Luna. This city, the third most populated in the country, offers all the comforts for a good vacation.

4. Cerro Azul, Lima

Surrounded by blue-toned hills, this is one of the most beautiful and busiest beaches in Lima during the summer season.

Located south of the capital, it is another destination where you will see many surfboards and young travelers enjoying the sun or walking along its imposing boardwalk.

Thanks to the fact that it is also home to many fishermen, the gastronomic offer is very varied and, with the type of seafood found in Peru, always delicious.

La Punta del Fraile is one of the busiest places in the District, both for athletes and for those who want to enjoy a good view, and another attraction that cannot be missed is the El Huarco Archaeological Complex, not so close to the waves but perfect to learn more about the history of the area.

And if you are in the capital, don’t miss these 5 plans to get to know Lima.

5. Ilo

It is said that in southern Peru there are no good beaches, but Ilo breaks any prejudice when you reach the famous rock of Punta Coles and share the space with pelicans or sea lions.

This port city is of great economic importance for the country and its strength is not tourism, although it has quite popular beaches, mostly by national tourists.

 Undoubtedly, the most impressive is Punta Coles, which is actually more than a beach a rocky formation with cliffs, surrounded by islets and other smaller rocks where the sea bursts at all hours, generating such a mysterious and attractive atmosphere of this type. of places.

Its particular characteristics have given way to a charming ecosystem, in which animals such as penguins, boobies, seagulls, bats, sea otters, octopuses, among many others coexist.

To get to Ilo, the closest city with an airport is Tacna. From there the road trip takes about two hours.

Beaches in Lima Perú

Know the best beaches in Lima Perú, because you will always find them. The Sun all year round, the beaches of southern Peru do not go unnoticed but it is advisable to plan your vacation packages in Perú and visit this beaches only in the summer season (December – March)

1. El Silencio Beach

Located 42 kilometers south of Lima, Peru, El Silencio Beach is the best option if you are looking to do water sports. And it is that it has excellent waves for swimming and surfing. Although it is recommended to be careful with the rocks that appear.

2. Tortuga Beach

Away from the stress of the city, there is a perfect oasis for rest and recreation: Playa Tortuga. It is located at kilometer 392 of the North Pan-American Highway, kilometer 18, northwest of Casma, so you can easily get there by car or bus. On the tour you will recreate yourself with other tourist attractions such as the Temple of Sechín, the Fortress of Chanquillo, the Temple of Punkuri, the Nepeña Valley and the Pañamarca Ruins.

3. La Herradura Beach

La Herradura is one of the beaches in Peru to go in winter, especially for surfers, because that is when the best waves are found; however, this beach in Lima is not recommended for beginners. Also here you can arrive in all types of vehicle. During your stay if you want to know some of the best restaurants on the Lima beach circuit, you have to go to Salto del Fraile, which will offer you good food accompanied by a wave show and the best sunsets in the city.

4. Punta Hermosa

The beaches in Lima Perú are the best for surfers, but here you will find one of the highest waves in this part of the continent, as they can reach up to 11 meters. That is why it is advisable to know the great waves of Punta Hermosa and the wonderful landscapes that it offers you to share with your friends and family just hours from the city by car or bus.

5. Agua Dulce Beach

Likewise, near the spa is the Agua Dulce boardwalk that surprises with its beauty, thus presenting itself as an interesting option to explore on foot, in the company of a couple, friends or family, since it allows spectacular views of settings such as mirrors. of water, sightings of the sea and sculptures. Likewise, the boardwalk is a strategic point to get beautiful photos of the sunset that you can share with your Facebook friends or all the social networks you have.

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