Solo Adventure Trips in Perú

Perú is a country that has everything: beach, mountains, jungle, traditions, history, good gastronomy, spectacular landscapes …

In general, it is an easy country for solo adventure trips. It is very touristy, so it is very prepared for all types of travelers. You will find backpackers in many destinations in the country and it will not be difficult for you to move from one place to another. If you are planning solo adventure trips, we recommend you book some of the Packages to Perú.

Practical information to travel alone to Peru

Capital and main cities and destinations

The capital of Peru is Lima and has about 9 million inhabitants. It is a very large city, with many contrasts between its neighborhoods, from those that face the sea to its historic center, a World Heritage Site.

In terms of population, it is followed by the colonial cities of Arequipa, Trujillo, Chiclayo, Piura and Huancayo, although among the most popular destinations Cusco may come to mind much earlier than any other city. Cusco is the gateway to Machu Picchu (a must-see!), The “navel of the world” according to the Inca culture and the ancient capital of an incredible empire that continues to fascinate us today.

Also popular with travelers are destinations such as Puno and the islands of the Uros, in Lake Titicaca, as well as the Amazonian cities of Iquitos and Puerto Maldonado, the oasis of Ica, the Nazca lines or the beaches of Paracas.

In most major cities and tourist destinations it is common to find many travelers and backpackers, people traveling alone, etc., so it is easy to travel alone through all of them.


Peru is a multilingual country. Spanish is the most widely spoken language (more than 85% of the population), but Quechua (more than 13% of the population), Aymara and up to 50 indigenous languages, such as those of the Amazon, are also spoken.

Currency and prices

The Peruvian currency is the Sol (PEN). The exchange with the euro is at 1 EUR = 3.85 PEN, and with the US dollar at 1 USD = 3.37 PEN. These are quite stable values, although it is always more reliable to look at the change of the day in an online converter, such as

In terms of prices there is a lot of difference between some things and others. In general, everything that has to do with tourists is expensive. For example, tickets to Machu Picchu are more expensive for foreigners (152 soles the basic one) than for locals (64 soles – also basic).

Meanwhile, food and accommodation are much more affordable. A menu in a normal restaurant costs about 15 soles, and have a beer around 10 soles. If you go to a hostel, you can find a bed in a shared room from 15 soles a night.

5 destinations in Peru to travel alone

Traveling alone is a unique experience that you cannot miss at least once in your life. There are many benefits for personal growth and, in addition, there are several ideal national destinations to be traveled as a first trip.


Cusco is the preferred and most popular destination for national and international tourists, who are dazzled by the beauty of Machu Picchu. However, contemplating this great specimen from the Inca period in solitude is a completely different experience.

Many of the travelers who arrive alone at the citadel have the possibility of taking the time they want to be able to contemplate this infrastructure. There is a mystique around this place that few get to feel if they are not with the disposition and tranquility that is needed. Knowing this place alone will give you the adequate tranquility to connect with the natural and historical environment for as long as you like, without disturbing or delaying anyone.

In the city of Cusco, you can also take advantage of it, since there is no voice or vote that counts more than that of the traveler herself. Thus, the places that are preferred, the time to visit and the length of stay, depends only on the preferences of a single person.


Arequipa is another very popular destination among tourists who come to visit the Colca Valley and taste the well-known and very delicious frozen cheese. However, getting to know Arequipa on a solo trip is completely another experience.

Having a gastronomy as varied and delicious as Arequipa, it is disastrous to have to share the dish. That, however, is not a problem when traveling alone: ??the stuffed hot pepper will only be for one.

Likewise, as in the previous case, natural attractions such as the route to the Colca Valley can be seen more calmly and without haste when traveling alone. The best sensation that can be experienced in the Valley is to be enveloped by the sounds and natural scenes.


If you prefer a trip that involves hiking or sports in nature, the ideal destination to travel alone is Huaraz.

There you can tour the Huascarán National Park, which contains more than 600 glaciers and 300 lagoons. To get to each of these natural attractions you must take a walk of between 2 and 3 hours. Those who have trekked with friends or family who are not familiar with the sport, know that it is tedious having to wait and make frequent stops for those left behind. However, when traveling alone this is not a problem.

Being in the Huascarán National Park, it is recommended to visit the Llanganuco Lagoon and the 69 Lagoon. Both lagoons stand out from the crowd for the beauty they show and the greenish-blue hue of their waters.


If you want to go on a cultural trip but friends get bored, what better way than to go on your own trip alone! Huancayo is a perfect destination to get to know different archaeological centers that show the life and culture of what were the most important pre-Inca cultures of our country.

One of these archaeological centers is that of Warivilca, located 6 kilometers from Huancayo. It is a citadel built by the Huaris, between 800 and 1200 AD. This place was the economic and administrative capital of the Huanca empire, as well as its main religious center.

Likewise, you can learn a lot about the local religious history by visiting the Cathedral Church, located in the Huancayo square. This neoclassical style building preserves paintings from the Cuzqueña School, an artistic tradition with great historical prestige in our country. It is also considered a national historical monument.


If what you are looking for is to experience adventures and new emotions in nature, Oxapampa is the ideal destination for traveling alone. This walk can be turned into an inner journey that will allow you to rediscover your wishes and fears through experiences.

In Oxapampa you can visit various natural attractions. The falls are, in fact, the places that tourists visit the most. This is due to the beautiful natural environment that surrounds them, as well as the great depth of its falls. The Tigre River Waterfall is one of the most famous, with a drop of 29 meters. To access this waterfall you have to go through a suspension bridge.

Likewise, it is recommended to visit the Tunqui Cave where you can see numerous stalactites and a large community of owls and bats.

These 5 national destinations for solo adventure trips will make you understand the importance and benefits of being able to travel alone. Take advantage of the diversity of experiences that Cusco and Perú vacation packages offer and get the most out of it yourself!

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