North of peru

The north of Peru has been considered as one of the best places in the world to visit during the year 2018, according to the well-known tourist publication Conde Nast Traveler of the United States. Places with history, living archeology, immense nature and the fortune of not having been touched by the wand of mass tourism. Among the tourist places in northern Peru that we can visit include the beautiful northern beaches of Tumbes, such as Zorritos, Punta Sal and, of course, the fantastic Mangroves and their great ecosystem. In addition, Lambayeque, La Libertad or Cajamarca keep interesting activities in each of its imposing complexes, beautiful forests or unusual museums.

In the middle of a desert of high golden dunes and just 4 kilometers from the city of Ica, there is a small oasis that was given the name of Huacachina. Huacachina is a beautiful and small oasis located in the middle of a desert of high golden dunes. A small town grew around it, around the lagoon.

Paracas located just three hours from Lima is an excellent destination for nature lovers; The Ballestas Islands is a natural paradise, home to a variety of animals such as sea lions, penguins and birds. The Paracas National Reserve is the oldest marine reserve in Peru and consists of almost 335,000 hectares in order to preserve the ecosystem for marine life. You will find many species of birds, most of them on the shore of the beach, resting in the sun

Immerse yourself in the incredible Peruvian culture. Enjoy the best of Peruvian cuisine with a tour of the winery and a traditional Peruvian lunch. Fly over the impressive Nazca lines in Peru, ancient geoglyphs, traced by the Nazca culture, composed of several hundred figures ranging from simple designs to complex zoomorphic, fitomorphic and geometric figures that appear traced on the earth’s surface.

Lima gives travelers a chance to experience a city that is vibrant, dynamic, full of history, culture, museums, boutiques, and that offers amazing Pacific sunsets. The cherry on top – Lima is a melting pot metaphor come to life and reflected in its internationally recognized cuisine.

The Ica Valley, known for its warm climate is located on the southern coast of Peru in a desert area. Therefore it will be a great surprise to find as many fields of crops as asparagus, cotton, grapes among others, many of which are exported to Europe, the United States and Asia

In this Huacachina to Paracas Tour, you will visit Paracas, the city of the Pacific Ocean, and the amazing oasis in the Huacachina desert. This habitat those people looking to do something near Lima. Paracas harbors the greatest biodiversity of marine fauna in the famous Ballestas Islands, with a mostly sunny climate it is one of the most visited destination for travelers who are looking for a place to rest and enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Paracas Reserve.