Northern Perú

The Northern Perú, warm and bathed by a sea of ??warm waters, is a destination of pleasant contrasts. The northern sierra is different from the southern one, as it is hotter, and has towns of unique beauty. The gastronomy in the Peruvian north is, according to almost the majority of Peruvians themselves, the best in the country. A compelling reason to visit the north, bathe on its beaches and then taste its magnificent seasoning.

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Attractions in the Northern Perú:


Near the equatorial line we find, in Peru, beaches with paradisiacal extensions of a calm and warm sea. Visiting point of surfer and lovers of excellent Peruvian seafood, the beaches of northern Peru are gradually becoming true vacation paradises.

Punt Sal

Punta Sal is a spa is one of the favorite destinations for tourists who want to enjoy the tranquility of the Peruvian sea.


The Mancora spa is the ideal place for those who love surfing, also in Mancora you can enjoy a beautiful view of the sunset


The Balneario de Zorritos has a unique beauty perfect for practicing water sports. Here you can enjoy exceptional waves and fine white sand


Huanchaco is the most important and representative spa in the city of Trujillo, famous for the dozens of reed horses that are located on the shores of the sea.

Archaeological sites

In Peru, the most important cultures of antiquity settled on the Northern Perú, many of them such as the Mochica and the Chimú, in the north of the Peruvian coast. Its ceremonial centers, of glorious beauty, are places that must be visited. It is important to emphasize that the best jewelers of ancient Peru were from these northern cultures.

Tucume and Royal Tombs

The archaeological complex of Tucume is one of the most important in northern Peru, so the largest representation within the museum is the Lord of Sipan and the beautiful adobe pyramids of Tucume.

Huacas of the Sun and the Moon

Enjoy a tour of two ceremonial centers of the Moche culture “the huacas of the sun and the Moon” that were two centers that functioned as a political – administrative and ceremonial center.

Chan Chan

Chan Chan is an archaeological site in a pre-Columbian city near Trujillo, on the north coast of Peru. It was the seat of the ancient Chimú civilization. The adobe complex has citadels such as the Tschudi Palace, it also includes temples, squares and cemeteries.


The Chavín de Huántar Archaeological Complex is an impressive stone complex that was built in the first millennium BC built on the slopes of the Andes Mountains.

Natural Attractions

The peaks of the Andes, perpetually snowy and the highest in America, await us so that we can put our mark on them. On the other hand, bordering the sea are the forests or mangroves that feed on the mix of the waters (salty from the sea and sweet from the rivers that flow there) and create their own nature and exotic beauty.

Manglares de Tumbes National Sanctuary

Los Maglares de Tumbes is a unique place with a warm climate, it has several ecosystems and is a refuge for various species.

Huascaran National Park

Explore the second most visited natural park in Peru located in the Cordillera Blanca in the Ancash region. An area of ??incredible biological and cultural diversity.

Main cities

A thriving area of ??Peru, the north of this country is home to an enviable agricultural industry. This has made possible the development of large cities, with absolutely all the services and a specific singularity in each one of them. On the other hand, Peruvian northern food is delicious from start to finish, that is, “Let’s eat delicious” !!!


The city of Chiclayo is one of the cities with a great variety of tourist sites, among them the Señor de Sipan museums, among many places to visit.


Cajamarca is one of the regions with impressive Inca architecture, visit the thermal baths, the cathedral, the rescue room, among many more attractions.

Trujillo, Perú

Trujillo, Perú is the capital of the department of La Libertad. The main attractions in Trujillo, Perú are the Chan Chan adobe complex of the ancient Chimu civilization


Piura, famous for its colonial buildings, has become one of the most thriving regions in northern Peru for its beautiful beaches such as Mancora, Colan, which are a true paradise for surfers.


Huaraz is the capital of the Ancash region, it is known for the Cordillera Blanca that is part of the Huascaran National Park, here is the highest mountain in Peru.

These are the tourist destinations in Northern Perú that you should visit

The north of Peru is a place full of contrasting geographies and historical sites that have achieved a tourist positioning, recognized by the prestigious Lonely Planet in its Best in Travel list as one of the best regions in the world to visit.


Lonely Planet considers the central Peruvian Andes as one of the most impressive mountain ranges on the planet, not only because they make up a great chain of snow-capped mountains with an impressive height that invite you to contemplate their majestic beauty by hiking or trying to crown their peaks if practiced. mountaineering.


A recommended place to make a necessary stop while visiting the Callejón de Huaylas is the peaceful city of Chacas, capital of the province of Asunción. At first glance, its houses, painted white and embellished with beautifully carved wooden balconies and balustrades of the same material, stand out.


In addition to being known as the “City of Orchids”, Moyobamba is the gateway to the Amazon, the largest tropical forest in the world. Thanks to its formidable natural beauty and growing tourism ventures, the capital of the San Martín region has become in recent years a destination that cannot be postponed in northeastern Peru. Lonely Planet highlights the ecotourism activities that can be carried out thanks to the joint work of the authorities with the local communities. Among the places to know and enjoy, he recommends Morro de Calzada, a wooded hill, natural viewpoint and bird watching point. In addition, it proposes to take a walk along the meandering Mayo River, as well as a visit to the Waqanki orchid center.


It is the largest city in the Peruvian Amazon, and perhaps in the world, which cannot be reached by road, only by air and river. But this capital metropolis of the Loreto region has a charm that can only be explained by the magnetism of the jungle that surrounds it and its intrinsic biodiversity, as well as its cosmopolitan and hospitable population, and its tasty cuisine.


The fortified citadel of Kuélap continues to receive recognition as a tourist destination on an international scale, and this time Lonely Planet highlights that the new cable car and the increase in flights from Lima make it more accessible to the visit of this archaeological complex whose construction, made by the Chachapoya civilization, is older than Machu Picchu. Therefore, today it is on the plans of many national and foreign travelers.

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