A Guide To Enjoy Your Honeymoon In Peru

Are you planning a honeymoon in Peru? Are you getting married and want a romantic holiday to celebrate your new life together and looking for a romantic destination? With beautiful architecture and stunning landscapes, Peru is the ideal getaway for lovers. You can take strolls in the beautiful colonial plazas in Lima and Arequipa, or search for ruins in the Sacred Valley. Peru also has beautiful beaches in the north, where there is sunshine all year round. If you are coming to Peru with your partner, check out our guide to discovering all the romantic locations this beautiful country has to offer.

Northern Beaches of Peru


While Peru isn’t known for its beaches, the northern part of the country has some great ones. In Mancora, you’ll have a chance to sunbathe in year-round warmth and take a dip in the refreshing Pacific Ocean. Just southeast of Mancora lie La Poza de Barro hot springs and mud baths, which offer couples a chance for even more relaxation after a day in the sun. While Peru’s beaches don’t draw the same attention as Machu Picchu or other Inca sites, they are a nice place to end or begin a trip to Peru.

Vichayito and Los Organos

Another beautiful stretch of beaches along the north coast of Peru, these towns and beaches will be much quieter than Mancora, but with slightly colder water. You’ll find the same array of entertainment options such as kitesurfing, four-wheeling, and horseback riding, but one thing the other beaches don’t lay claim to: turtles. Only a short ride from Los Organos is the Nuro fishing dock and turtle swimming adventure. Walk down the dock to all the commotion (you won’t miss it) where people are laughing, cheering, and most likely shivering after jumping in and swimming with the turtles who roam the area. Please do not touch the animals while swimming with them; touching the animals can be harmful to their thin layer of slime to covers their shell, and can cause disease.

Las Pocitas

If you want to be close to Mancora, but don’t like the surfer-party scene, head to Las Pocitas. It is quieter and, with all the palm trees, in some ways more beautiful than Mancora. Here you can lounge at beautiful upscale beachside hotels without all the noise and traffic that Mancora brings. If you do decide to go to town and party, it’s only a short taxi ride or a walk away. You have access to all of Mancora, but also the peace and quiet of a nice beach hotel when you need it.



Upscale Restaurants and Delicious Food

Lima has earned the reputation as the food capital of Peru and, by extension, Latin America. With a progressive food scene and beautiful, world-class restaurants, Lima offers couples romantic nights out. You’ll have the opportunity to eat at some of the best restaurants in the world with your significant other.

Colonial Historic Center

Take a carriage ride in the colonial historical center with your loved one before or after you enjoy one of Peru’s outstanding restaurants. Both at night and during the day, Peru’s historical center offers unrivaled beauty. See Peru’s famous balconies and the restored colonial mansions, and look for the Presidential Palace, the Monastery of San Francisco, and the Archbishop Palace.


Miraflores has many adventure activities if that is what you desire, but also there are some of the best restaurants in Lima Peru if not the world. Spoil yourself with a night of dining and salsa dancing, or relax in the spa at your hotel. Lima is the main entry point to Peru, spend a couple of days in Lima and soak up the culture of this cosmopolitan city.

Barranco, located just south of Miraflores along the Pacific Ocean, is Lima’s artsy, bohemian district. It’s developed without being soullessly upscale, and artsy without trying too hard, offering a splash of color among Lima’s otherwise ubiquitous grey. Its main attractions are the Bridge of Sighs (one of its most romantic areas in the evening), the beautiful plaza with its bright colors and onlooking church, the street art found almost everywhere and, of course, its seemingly endless supply of bars. Have a drink and walk around the the district enjoying all its color, art, and quirkiness.

Cusco and Sacred Valley

Why not spend some time in the place deemed to be the sacred home of the Incas? Cusco was the capital of the Incas until it was taken over by the Spanish. Visiting Cusco, you’ll experience the beautiful confluence of Inca and Spanish architecture, and that alone is worth the trip. Spending some time here would also allow you to see Machu Picchu. After spending time in Cusco and exploring Machu Picchu, you can unwind in the Sacred Valley, the expanse of land encompassing Cusco and Machu Picchu. The Sacred Valley features a peaceful tranquility, and natural beauty like no other place in Peru. It´s the perfect destination for your honeymoon in Peru. Spend a few days relaxing or indulge in one of the many Spa facilities either in your hotel or in one of the towns in the Sacred Valley. Go for a walk, enjoy horse riding, or enjoy the stunning views from your hotel room. You will not regret time spent in this naturally beautiful part of Peru.


Arequipa is a beautiful colonial town in the south of Peru, and is Peru’s second-largest metropolis. Stunning colonial architecture and a volcano for a backdrop make this city a must-see while you are in Peru.

Colca Canyon

While Machu Picchu and Cusco get all the attention, The Colca Canyon might be the most naturally beautiful place to visit in Peru. The canyon is 62 miles (100 kilometres) from end to end, and more than twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. The area is also rich with ruins from pre-Incan and Incan societies, as well as numerous Spanish structures.

Amazon Rainforest

Cruise along the Amazon River, for those of you who require a peaceful honeymoon in Peru getaway this cruise could be for you. Cruise the Amazon River by day surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. In the evening, relax with a gourmet meal complete with Champagne, which you can enjoy in the dining room or on your private balcony. The smaller cruises are more private and most have elegant private suites that are perfect to pass your special occasion. Apart from the fabulous river cruises, try one of the many luxury jungle lodges. Many of the five star properties feature luxury cabins, gourmet meals and the quiet seclusion that you may be looking for.

Puno and Lake Titicaca

In the south of Peru is the lakeside town of Puno, perfect for honeymooners who want a very different experience, is on the shores of Lake Titicaca. Stay in a lakeside hut or enjoy a luxury hotel on your visit to Lake Titicaca. You could enjoy a cruise on the lake, visit the fascinating Uros Islands, and learn about the interesting history.