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Colca Canyon

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Visit the Colca Canyon is one of the largest tourist destinations in Peru; located northeast of Arequipa, with beautiful landscapes and many places to visit such as the Mirador del Cóndor, where you can observe the flight of the Andean condors, get to know the local culture among others, we give you the opportunity to know it in just one day.

Visit with us one of the deepest and most attractive canyons in the world, our adventure begins very early with the pick up from your hotel.

On the Colca Canyon Day Trip we will stop to appreciate the majestic and impressive flight of the condors, then we will make a small stop at the La Calera thermal baths, to relax as its waters are thermomedicinal.

Finally we will enjoy a delicious lunch and we will continue with the return to the City of Arequipa.

In this Colca Canyon Day Trip we will visit the Colca Canyon, known for being one of the deepest canyons in the world. We will also have the privilege of observing one of the largest birds on the planet: The Condor, we will be able to appreciate the majestic flight of the Condor at the viewpoint of the cross of the condor. In addition to all this we will enjoy direct contact with nature. We will be accompanied by a specialized guide who will tell us about the history of the cultures that inhabited this area. We will enjoy a delicious buffet lunch, with Andean dishes made with local products.


  • Pick up time: Between 03:30 am and 04:00 am
  • Duration: approximately 14 hours
  • End time: 05:00 pm
  • Maximum number of participants: 10 


  • Knowing Arequipa, its charms, its people, its food and the incomparable beauty of the Colca Canyon, has never been so easy.
  • With this service, take advantage of knowing everything in a single day.
  • Our team is ready and waiting to serve you as you deserve.
  • Observing the flight of our beautiful Andean Condor, is the added value in this tour.

What am I going to visit on the Tour?

This Colca Canyon Day Trip is specially designed to visit:

  • Chivay: It is a town in Peru, capital of the Caylloma Province, located at 3,635 meters above sea level on the western slope of the Andes Mountains, in the upper part of the Colca Canyon. 3km. there are the thermal baths called La Calera.
  • Cruz del Cóndor: This viewpoint is located on the edge of the canyon. Well, the Colca River runs below at a depth of 1,200 meters, while the wall in front reaches 3,100 meters in height, at whose peaks you can see perpetual ice and below the condors fly majestic. Previous visitor experiences indicate that the panorama from there is spectacular.


The Colca Canyon 1 Day Tour will start at 3:00 am with the pick up from your hotel in Arequipa (city center) to board our tourist transport that will take us to the town of Chivay three hours of travel, in this place we will enjoy a delicious breakfast, then we will continue to the town of Yanque (3420 masl) where we can appreciate its beautiful colonial church and some typical dances.

We will continue with our tour to the Cruz del Condor viewpoint, here we will have a spectacular view of the formation of the entire Canyon and the majestic flight of the condors can be appreciated.

After the show of the condors, we will return and on the way we will be able to observe picturesque towns of Pinchollo, Maca, the Miradores de Antahuilque where we will be able to appreciate the terraces and Choquetico. We will also enjoy La Calera hot springs, known for its thermomedicinal waters.

Once we arrive in Chivay we will stop for lunch and then return to the city of Arequipa making small stops at the Patapampa viewpoint, in Toqra and in the Pampa Cañahuas National Reserve where you can meet vicuñas in their natural habitat.

Pick up time: 03:00 am / Return: 17:30 hrs. End of the Colca Canyon 1 Day Tour


  • Pick up from your Hotel in Arequipa (Hotels must be located in the center of the city)
  • Tourist transport throughout the tour (15 people or more).
  • Professional bilingual guide.
  • Continental breakfast.
  • Buffet lunch without drinks.

Not Included:

  • Tourist ticket to enter Colca: Managed by the Colca Autonomous Authority to be paid at the control booths and authorized personnel of said institution.


  • Warm clothes
  • Suitable shoes for short walks
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Little suitcase
  • Bathing suit for hot springs


Will we see condors at the Colca Canyon 1 Day Tour?

It cannot be guaranteed to be able to observe the flight of the condor during the visit, however it is very likely to be able to observe it almost all year round, except during the rainy season, since during the season some condors migrate to other places in search of a better climate. .

How far away is the Colca Valley from Arequipa?

The Colca Valley is located 151km from the city of Arequipa; In a trip of approximately 03 hours you will reach the main town that is Chivay where you will be able to find all the main services such as accommodation, restaurants, night entertainment centers and others.

What is the best season to visit the Colca Valley?

You can visit the Colca all year round, however the best season to visit is between April and May since the rainy season is ending and these are the months that show the greatest greenery of the colca valley terraces and all its landscapes.

After visiting Colca, can I go directly to Puno?

If it is possible to do it! Normally there are transports of tourist companies that have daily departures from Chivay to Puno; departures are generally after lunch.

The companies that provide this service are 4M, Nativa Express and My Tour Peru.

We can also help you with the purchase of bus tickets from Chivay to Puno.

What is the difference between Valley and Canyon?

The canyon is a deep and narrow river valley. The main characteristic for the formation of a canyon is a fast-flowing river, because the faster it flows, the greater the load of rocks and other debris it can carry. A valley is a flat terrain located between the slopes of the mountains caused by the erosion of the water that descends from the mountain peaks. The valley is an attractive place for its natural environment and its scenic value. The surrounding mountains and rivers make these places an excellent visit for nature lovers.

What clothes should I bring to the Colca?

The climate in the Colca valley is varied, so it is advisable to bring a warm jacket for the morning and the night as it increases the cold and during the day we can use light clothing; In addition, you should take into account wearing shoes for short walks, a cap or hat, sunscreen and sunglasses. If you plan to visit between December to March, it is advisable to wear waterproof clothing as it is the rainy season.

How high is the Colca Valley?

The main town of the Colca Valley is located at an altitude of 3635 masl, however on the way from Arequipa to Chivay a high point is passed which is Patapampa, also known as the Mirador de los Volcanes; this is at 4900msnsm, it is the highest point of the whole road.

What is the price of the tourist ticket to enter the Colca Valley?

The price of the Tourist Ticket are the following:

  • Foreign tourist ticket S /. 70.00
  • National tourist ticket S /. 20.00
  • Tourist ticket National Student S /. 5.00

The payment of the tourist ticket allows the visit to different tourist attractions of the Colca Valley such as archaeological zones, viewpoints, trekking circuits. It is worth mentioning that this ticket does not include the visit to museums or income to the Hot Springs that are found in different towns such as Chivay, Yanque and Coporaque.

What kind of food is prepared in the Colca Valley?

The typical food of the Colca is varied, generally the foods are prepared with native products of the area, in the case of meats, Alpaca and beef are used, trout is also eaten. You can also find vegan restaurants in the town of Chivay. Generally, tourist restaurants offer buffet lunch where you can find a variety of dishes and drinks.

Where should I pay the tourist ticket?

There are 02 points of purchase where you can purchase the tourist ticket

Before entering the Chivay town, there is a tourist entry checkpoint where you can buy the tourist ticket.

Another point is halfway to the Mirador de la Cruz del Cóndor, it is also a tourist checkpoint

It should be noted that to make the payment of the tourist ticket, credit cards are not accepted, the payment must be in cash.

Can I pay for different services with a credit card in the Colca Valley?

Most tourist establishments such as accommodation and restaurants accept payment by credit card, the most used being American Express, VISA, Diners and Mastercard. However, it is also recommended to bring cash if you want to buy handicraft souvenirs and that payment can only be made in cash.

What kind of excursions can I do in the Colca Valley?

To visit the Colca Valley you can choose to take different types of tours

Conventional tours: There are tours of 01 and 02 days where you can see part of the terraces of the Valley and the main point that is the Mirador de la Cruz del Cóndor.

Experiential tourism: In this type of tours, coexistence with the inhabitants is carried out to learn about their customs; This type of tour normally takes place in the towns of Coporaque, Sibayo and Yanque.

Trekking in Colca: For people who love nature and are in good physical condition to go on walks of 02 and 03 days inside the canyon.

What can I do or what pills should I take to avoid altitude sickness?

Generally it is recommended to stay one or two days in the city of Arequipa to be able to acclimatize and thus be able to avoid altitude sickness when you go to the Colca Valley; It is also recommended to take the traditional coca tea; undoubtedly essential to avoid soroche. Now if you want to take a pill, the most recommended is the “Sorojchi Pills”, it should be taken 30 minutes before starting the trip and you can buy it at any Pharmacy. It should be noted that if you are allergic to any medication it is better to consult a doctor before taking the pill.

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