Amazon Peru

In Peru, all the territories that are located to the east of the Andes Mountain Range that includes the rainforest and hydrographically all the rivers are tributaries of the Amazon River basin are called Amazon. The world’s largest and most diversified rainforest is a paradise for nature lovers. Here seems another world, impressive and fascinating where everything is gigantic, an explosion of colors, smells, and unknown sounds, in short, we are on another planet. Traveling in the Amazon is a challenge. When arriving at it, from the first day, we will find unique sounds, a great ecology, beautiful natural areas, areas to explore and observe. Venture in the Amazon, we enter another dimension, the giant trees can reach 40 meters high with a trunk 3 meters in diameter, the flowers, the leaves are immense, the cacophony is permanent, the jungle never sleeps.

Paradise blessed with the greatest biodiversity in the world, inhabited by native communities that still keep alive their ancestral traditions and live in harmony with nature. This fascinating destination is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and exotic animals in the Peruvian Amazon. Becoming an ideal place for those who love nature and like an experiential tourism.

The Tambopata river basin presents one of the highest indices of biological diversity in the world. The Tambopata National Reserve is located in the middle and lower zone of this basin. Among its most common ecosystems are aguajales, marshes, pacales and riparian forests, whose physical characteristics allow local people to take advantage of natural resources.